Klein’s New Flame-Resistant Canvas Bucket

If your job takes you, literally, to great heights, you need the Klein canvas bucket that is designed for raising and lowering bulky items up and down a pole. These buckets have a large interior space, making them ideal for a linesman’s every day tool storage. Plus, with a capacity to lift up to 100 pounds, you know you will always have what you need when you are working up high. Leather reinforced handles and an optional closing top let your linesman work safely and quickly by just hauling their tools up the pole. Every power company, telephone company, billboard contractor, and any other professional climbing poles or working from bucket trucks needs a Klein canvas bucket. Fill the parts bucket with all you need on the job – the large interior space has a 12-inch diameter and is 17 inches deep.

Klein canvas bucket are ideal for welders and iron workers who haul heavy tools and store them where sparks and embers are sometimes flying. The Klein canvas buckets are flame-resistant and capable of holding all the heavy tools, accessories, bolts, and parts needed for your work. The leather-reinforced bottom is stitched and riveted to ensure a long life and durability in even the toughest environments.

During the month of March, Jim and Slim Tool Supply is offering 10% off the best Klein New Construction and Steel Worker Tools.  It’s the perfect time to invest in your business and upgrade your tool bag. The new Klein 5104FR Flame-Resistant Canvas Bucket is the obvious choice for linesman, utility workers, welders, and iron workers. It’s constructed of durable no. 4 canvas to ensure long-lasting durability, and you even have the option of a zip-top lid when you choose the Klein 5104CLRFR Flame-Resistant Top Closing Canvas Bucket.

Always use the appropriate safety protection when operating tools and machinery. Protect yourself with our complete line of safety products. We offer fall protection, safety glasses, multiple hard hat styles and many more safety items.

We’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment about your experience with the new Klein 5104FR Flame-Resistant Canvas Bucket or ask us any question you may have about the item.

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