Sumner Series 2100 Contractor Lifts

If you are a professional pipe technician, you know the demands of duct work installations and repairs. The proper equipment will not only make your job easier, but also ensure your safety and a top-quality job.  Jim and Slim’s Tool Supply has fast and free shipping on the popular Sumner 2100 Series Contractor Lifts. These contractor lifts are essential for fast and easy duct work. These lifts reach heights from 12 to 24 feet with fewer mast sections making them compact, lightweight, and less costly. The Sumner 2100 Series Lifts are the easy, ideal choice for lifting stainless steel pipe for factory work and other pipe duct work overhead.

Each Sumner 2100 Series Lifts can lift pipe duct work weighing up to 650 pounds, making these lifts ideal for stainless steel pipes in a factory setting. The model you choose will depend on the maximum height you need to reach. The Sumner 2112 Contractor lift reaches a maximum height of 12 feet, 11 3/8 inches. The Sumner 2118 Contractor Lift reaches a maximum height of 18 feet, 4 3/8 inches. And the highest reaching Sumner 2124 Contractor Lift goes up to a maximum height of 24 feet, 9 3/8 inches.

Sumner 2100 Series Lifts cater to the lift operator with an enhanced cable system and added safety qualities. The lift cable is guarded and will not fall off the pulley during transportation or get jammed. The lift cable is not in the operator’s face during use, but inside the mast for additional security. The guide roller on the Sumner 2100 Series Lifts ensures the cable distributes evenly. Additionally, the Sumner 2100 Series Lifts operate with a 2-speed winch so you can lift faster when you need to.

Sumner 2100 Series Lifts are an ideal choice for pipe duct work on-the-go. There are no loose pieces used to operate the lifts, so nothing will be left or lost at a job site. The Sumner 2100 Series Lifts use plunger pins rather than loose needle pins that can be dropped and seem to disappear so easily. Sumner 2100 Series Lifts light up your work area with their bright yellow color, ensuring everyone sees the lift base, preventing trips and stumbles that can cause personal injury on the job. Sumner 2100 Series Lifts include 5-inch loading wheels that allow one operator to smoothly slide the lift in a truck with no trouble or strain.

Also consider watching video about the Sumner 2100 Series Lift here  to see just how easy it is to use a Sumner 2100 Series Lift.

If you have a job coming up soon and need a lift fast, Jim and Slim’s Tool Supply is the best place to make your purchase. The Sumner 2100 Series Lifts mentioned here are currently fast shipping items with free shipping. Buy a Sumner 2100 Series Lift today to invest in your work and ensure you are prepared for any job. A versatile lift, that transports easily in your truck, available today with free shipping, is exactly what every pipe professional needs. Don’t wait any longer and miss an opportunity to provide fast and top-quality service to your client. Jim and Slim’s Tool Supply is here to help you with all your pipe professional needs.

Note: These are fast shipping items with free shipping and usually ship within 24 hours


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