PowerGrit, a company associated with ICS, the manufacturer of the original concrete chainsaw recently introduced the PowerGrit Utility Chain. This new chain is designed to cut Ductile, Iron, PVC, Insituform Pipe Lining, Cast Iron, and HDPE Pipe.  One of the biggest advantages can be seen in the image below, the trench size is greatly reduced but the pipe can be cut completely through from one side (depending on the pipe size of course). Another big advantage is SAFETY, again the trench size is reduced so the saw doesn’t have to be manipulated around the pipe exposing the user to the blade. 
The PowerGrit chain is manufactured to fit on the newer saws from ICS that are set up to accept the Force4 diamond chains; 695F4 and the 890F4 concrete chainsaws. The PowerGrit and Force4 chains are manufactured with larger links and segments to handle professional cutting applications better than standard ICS Diamond Chains.  To use the Force4 Diamond Chains or the PowerGrit Chains on a 695GC Gas Concrete Chainsaw or an 853PRO Hydraulic Concrete Chainsaw, the bar and sprocket need to be changed to accept the larger chain links. Both can be very simply changed in the field with the tool kit that comes with the saw(s).

Here are the components to set up a 95GC gas saw to use the PowerGrit Utility Chains.

  • 537766 PowerGrit Chain 16in (fits 695F4)
  • 525496 Gas Saw Drive Sprocket, FORCE4-8T  – Required to use the Force4 Diamond Chains and the PowerGrit Utility Chains on a 633GC Gas Saw
  • 524490 ICS – 524490 – FORCE4 16in/40cm Guidebar Required to use the Force4 Diamond Chains om the 695F$ gas saws

Here are the replacement components for a 895F4 hydraulic saw to use the PowerGrit Utility Chains



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