Methods to Cut Ductile Pipe

Different Methods to Cut Ductile Pipe

There are a variety of ways to cut ductile pipe including manual rotary cutters, hinged cutters, abrasive or diamond blades on hand held quick-cut saws, and the NEW PowerGrit  diamond chain system. Each has their advantages.


Rotary Cutters and Hinged Cutters

A manual method which uses four (4) cutter wheels that are rotated around or partially around a pipe, the advantage with these is that they are ideal for confined spaces where normal cutters cannot be rotated completely around or difficult interior cuts.

Below are the rotary and hinged cutters for ductile pipe we offer.

Low Clearance Rotary Cutters

Rotary Cutters

Hinged Cutters




Reed – LCRC8I/03308 – 6-8in Capacity Reed – RC20I/03242 – 18-20in Capacity Reed H21/2I – 03112 – 1-2-1/2in Capacity
Reed – LCRC12I/03312 – 10-12in Capacity Reed – RC24I/03252 – 22-24in Capacity Reed H4I/03122 – 2-4in Capacity
Reed – LCRC16I/03316 – 14-16in Capacity Reed RC30I/03262 – 30in Capacity Reed H6I/03132 – 4-6in Capacity
     _______________________________________ Reed H8I/03142 – 6-8in Capacity
Reed H12I/03152 – 8-12in Capacity
Ridgid 424-CI/74227 – 2-4in Capacity


Diamond Blades for Ductile Pipe




These Blades are used on gas powered cut-off saws and speed up the cutting process, much faster than a manual cutter. They are good for making cuts above ground but they require more space than the rotary cutter, hinged cutter, or the PowerGrit Saw.  These blades have an abrasive material adhered to the core allowing you to clean metal burrs and make beveled edges after the cut. These blades are sometimes used to cut a broken pipe in the ground. However the rotary cutters and PowerGrit  chains are usually a better option requiring less excavation and smaller access holes. Cutting with gas powered hand-held saws require large holes and significantly more excavation.

12in and a 14in are available in Diamond Blades for Ductile.


POWERGRIT Utility Saw – Chain 

  Never Cut Pipe The Same Way Again
PowerGrit™ Utility Saw Chain is a revolutionary new cutting product designed to change the way the job gets done. From ductile iron to plastic pipe, PowerGrit  will get you in and out of the job faster, easier and safer than other methods. Utilizing a brazed layer diamond coating on a patent pending chain design, coupled with an extremely durable chain platform, PowerGrit technology provides dramatically improved access to the cut with far less excavation. Single-side access reduces excavation time, operator effort and total time to complete the job.
  The POWERGRIT diamond chains are designed to be used with the ICS 633F4 and the 880F4 power head and bar or if you have a 633GC gas concrete chainsaw or 853pro hydraulic chainsaw. This has become a popular solution because with this saw it can be set up to cut ductile pipe or concrete materials just by changing the chain.Download more popular product information.

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